About KXNM


KXNM came into being in the Summer of 2007 as a coordinated effort involving several groups, including the Partnership for a Healthy Torrance County, the Torrance County Commission, the Torrance County Project Office and Torrance County Emergency Services. Initial seed money totaling $30,000 was provided by private donors and the Torrance County Commission. The goal was to provide a non-commercial, community radio serving Torrance and southern Santa Fe Counties in central New Mexico. The project was initially driven by the vision of the Partnership for a Healthy Torrance County to improve access to community-based information and services.

In 2009, the KXNM Foundation was formed to continue the good works of the founding organizations. The foundation is focused specifically on the operation and management of KXNM 88.7 FM. The station's application to the FCC was submitted in October 2007 and approved in August 2008. In2011, the McIntosh Community Center dissolved its organization and donated the community Center building to KXNM, providing a location for the station's operation.


Our vision of local programming is a back-to-the-basics approach that is reflective of our target audience. We are committed to bilingual programming that reflects the demographic profile and cultural richness of our county. We have established the following main priority areas for programming:

Public Safety and Emergency preparedness (for example: fire protection information, wildfire information, public land closures, etc.)

Public Health and Health Literacy (for example: Read/Write educational tools in English and Spanish, information for senior citizens, teens and youth, etc.) Increased awareness of and access to local resources, services and events (for example: high school sports, arts, 4H/FFA information, news, weather, music, etc.).


Right in the center of the 3,355 square miles of Torrance County is nestled the small community of McIntosh where residents have a majestic view of the Manzano Mountain Range. Also in the Estancia Valley community of McIntosh is the home of the newly formed and FCC licensed KXNM public radio station.

KXNM is nearly ready to go live on air! The tower is in final stages of completion; the hiring of staff is underway and fundraisers are planned and scheduled. KXNM is committed to using the best practices in radio broadcasting to provide the most up-to-date programming available. The final step in attaining these goals is the purchasing of the Studio broadcasting and programming equipment.

At this time there are no existing commercial or public radio stations or television stations located in Torrance County, eastern Bernalillo or southern Santa Fe County. KXNM will provide reliable service with local programming, as well as state and national news to our listening area, which will range from Moriarty and Edgewood in the northern part of the county to Estancia and Mountainair in the central southern regions.

Torrance County is centrally located in New Mexico and borders seven other counties: Bernalillo, Santa Fe, San Miguel, Guadalupe, Lincoln, Socorro and Valencia. The KXNM signal would not only reach out to Torrance County residents but potentially into each of these other counties and provide much needed information regarding weather and fire alerts.

As it stands today in Torrance County, the communications infrastructure is not adequate to meet the need for dissemination of information to the public. This has a negative impact on emergency preparedness, the availability of timely and effective emergency services and economic development. The ability of local businesses, social service agencies, medical, dental and behavioral health providers to promote their services is impacted as well. During fire season the need for a large-scale communication medium becomes critical. There is currently no mechanism for rapid and accurate dissemination of essential information regarding evacuation, available resources and fire status.

At full operation, KXNM will have a staff that consists of a full-time Station Manager, full-time Program Manager, full-time Sales Manager, a part-time Clerical Worker, a part-time Engineer and a sales staff of 3 to 5 individuals.

KXNM will broadcast live reports of any emergency situation within its listening area and will feature a multitude of daily programs such as:

  • "About our Town" which will share information about towns in and around Torrance County.
  • "Farm and Ranch Weather" that features detailed weather forecast tailored to the farm and ranch communities.
  • "Pet Patrol" listing lost, found and up for adoption pets along with information and recommendations from local veterinarians.
These are just a few of the many programs that KXNM will utilize as it goes on air.

Originally McIntosh's community center building was the central meeting place for the residents of this unincorporated portion of Torrance County. Now it bustles with business as the new radio station sets up housekeeping in the building. However, in keeping with tradition and the station's mission of providing services to the community, KXNM continues to supply space in that same building for health fairs, community events and other meetings that benefit the residents of McIntosh and surrounding areas.